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Design DNA: Color Reform Spectrum from ABC Carpet & Home

What began as a vision to repurpose carpets, resulted in a revolutionary movement of color.  Introducing Color Reform Spectrum, the latest manifestation in design DNA from ABC culture and a continuation of our iconic series of artistic over-dyed rugs.

Each piece is handmade and richly over-dyed in Pakistan to create its remarkable chromatic composition.  The uncustomary approach yields deep, saturated hues while letting the original patterns surface through, producing alluring, one-of-a-kind works of art for the home.

At ABC we love, love, love to create bold spaces using an array of statement hues and a full color palette.  Though, if you’re hesitant to dive into the deep-end with us, Colour Consultant, Debra Kling, offers her expertise on how to incorporate a Spectrum piece in any home.

“More than to colors, we respond to color relationships.  Good room design begins with floors and walls, which provide the crucial backdrop to the objects we place within them.  Place a bold, jewel-toned Color Reform Spectrum carpet in an otherwise neutral space, and it will seem to advance into the room and become its instant focal point.  Try matching the color of the furniture closely to that of the walls, varying textures, but not colors in the space.  In this way, the objects placed in the room play a largely supporting role to the carpet.  Alternatively, surround a saturated citron or tangerine-colored rug by similarly saturated, related hues (combine orange with lipstick red, for example), and the rug will, perhaps counterintuitively, blend into its vibrant surroundings and pop less from its backdrop.  You will have created an intense, even exotic, cocoon which surrounds you on all sides.”

Blending the past with the present, Color Reform Spectrum combines ancient manufacturing methods with modern design.  A carpet, once traditional, is now a contemporary work of art evoking the power of color.  Provoking creative expression in interiors like never before, Color Reform Spectrum encourages us to explore design without boundaries.  View our full collection in-store or begin by visiting our on-line selectionhere.


-shari monique gab